What is Agency B12?

PLACEMENT | STRATEGY | IDEAS - Where does your story fit? Are you making the best use of all your resources for profit and purpose? We make business, projects and products better with unique innovations, progressive applications and content; creating modern solutions for clients operating on today's world stage across a swath of industry.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


Who we are.

Agency B12 is a global consultancy operating as a full service strategy agency which features talented partners who have worked for and with some of the most successful and well-known international brands in the world.








Social Media


Let Agency B12 help you captivate your clients and/or audience. Our team will bring your vision to life through all platforms f the graphic arts. We can start on a napkin and utilize; web design, graphic art, video production, photography, to story boarding. The finished product will tell a story which will engage and motivate your "target" audience into action or inaction.

Where are the people?

Stop wasting time and money on trying to be everywhere all the time. Let AgencyB12 help you and/or your client be at the "right" place at the "right time". AgencyB12 can guide you to garner statistical insights on your current and future customers. This will ensure you will know where they are and most importantly, what they want. In addition, let AgencyB12 utilize over 20+ years of negotiation experience to develop the deals you desire on the correct media platforms that you need.

Digital Relevance

Digital Relevance. It keeps customers engaged and committed to your brand, and helps you identify the customer relationships that will be the foundation of your future success. Is your brand relevant to your customers? But, more importantly, are your customers relevant to your brand?

Social Media Marketing

Learn the right networks to use, how to use them, and how to build your brand via the latest in social media technologies. Do NOT be afraid of the trends, become a trend. Find out what works for your brand, and what does not work. Protect your brand on all the digital platforms.

How we work.

1 There is NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL approach to digital marketing, social media marketing, media planning, product placement, etc. At AgencyB12, we measure each business’ unique needs and then develop a customized solution by matching; objectives, capabilities, and opportunities with the best strategy, state-of-the art technology and available resources for the engagement. It does NOT matter if the resources reside in your organization, in ours, or elsewhere—it only matters that they will be as effective as possible.

2 Profitable growth. Brand recognition. Customer growth. These "terms" are what CEOs, investors and boards want to see and hear. It is also what many of our clients are often tasked to achieve. At AgencyB12, our data-driven approach is grounded in analysis. This enables us to create media/marketing plans that our clients can support and sustain over long periods of time. Why? Bottom-line, it simply delivers desired results.

3 Clients. Clients. Clients. They always come first. Our clients tell us that we are extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Partner with us and you will benefit form our extensive expertise as well as our willingness to engage with you and/or your team. Whether we are providing guidance or just filling in gaps, our work is designed to fit within your brand. Oh, and we are fun to work with too. But, that is just an added bonus!