We are Agency B12.
A global consultancy operating as a full service strategy agency for smart businesses.

Our knowledge base spans media (digital, mobile, broadcast, cable, print), marketing, loyalty, technology, big data, online and offline expertise that rivals our largest competitors. We apply everything we have learned working with the most successful companies and organizations on the planet to your goals. After we have spent time to learn what your strengths, weaknesses, assets and talent are doing for you, we make your business better and build value for your clients.

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Our Unique Approach


We delve deep into your business, challenges and possibilities by asking deep, discerning questions in order to truly understand your needs and to gain a better understanding to create solutions.


We define your issues with you, so that together we have a full picture of your asset and resource landscape, and what applications can be used to address your oath to success.


Data is valuable. However, data that is strategically gathered and skillfully analyzed & interpreted is beyond invaluable. At AgencyB12, we understand how to translate the data to become actionable and an insightful tool for interpreting customer actions and identifying possible new growth opportunities.


We creatively determine messaging, marketing, technology and content production needed to support, elevate and expand your business path with leading edge market tools and campaigns designed to help you soar.


We make decisions with you that are considered, educated and informed so that all stakeholders are included and know the process and its expected outcomes all along the way.


Then, we DO. At Agency B12 we don’t just talk our talk, we walk our walk in order to bring the highest value, in the most resourceful and cost effective way, with the most talented professionals we know to bring you maximum results for today’s modern global business environment.

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